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Love what you do!


We  aren't just a recruitment company, we are a company that cares for others, it might sound corny but its true, it's what makes us tick, and everyday we aim to make it true. 

We can provide a contingent labour supply solution for projects, or short contracts We also recruit for permanent positions. With our rich history of success and a clearly articulated purpose and mission, we remain ready and able to serve the needs of both our clients and candidates well into the future.

Commitment to Clients

VSR help our clients find people with the skills, experience and attitude required to contribute to their team’s success. We work to understand each client’s workplace culture to ensure we can successfully identify the right candidates. We exceed your expectations by providing quality, pre-screened, interviewed and skill-assessed candidates for every job.

Office employee

Dedication to Jobseekers

Our passion is helping people find meaningful career opportunities. Transitioning to a new career is difficult and can be stressful. We understand that a job is more than just a salary. We know you have dreams, aspirations and goals for your career and life. Our goal is to find employment opportunities that will match these exactly. We provide candidate experiences that exceed expectations by finding employment with the very best employers in the markets we serve.

Making the Perfect Match

We help find that perfect match where the needs and goals of both parties meet and create a bridge that allows a flourishing and  beneficial career opportunity for both our client and our candidate. 


Helping People Is Our Purpose

We exist for the sole purpose of helping people - we love to help our clients to fill their open positions to helping people find meaningful work and support them in their career goals.  

We work closely with our clients and candidates by constantly focusing on our everyday mission and we live by our values 

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